Champbuddy aims to be the world's largest Engagement Engine for Career & Infotainment related Content & Services. We cover Extracurricular, Vocational & Academic Activities. Our Focus markets are Tier 2, 3 & 4 cities, apart from Urban dwellings. Our Target is 11 to 38 Years Age Group & Life Long Learners.

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Currently students get to interact with career counsellors once or twice a year. Champbuddy is a Platform that enables High Frequency ,Highly Affordable interactions between a Team of Career Counsellors and Discerning Subject Matter Experts

Plain generic career counsellors not sufficient. SMEs are needed to guide the students through practical knowledge, do's and dont's of a particular trade

ChampBuddy aims to improve the relationship between parent and child and help them team up while child is en route to their career journey

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Deep Dive Analysis

ChampBuddy collaborates with industry experts to provide a deep-dive case analysis. Sessions will be personalised for one-on-one interactions between the mentor and the mentee, ensuring unprecedented growth for each youngster. This service is currently a bundled package that offers a basket of services with discounted rates:

  • Ask a query - 1 topic 10-point PDF report (Minimum 6 queries in 3 months)
  • Diagnosis/Parents session
  • Webinars and expert interviews
  • Portfolio review
  • Know your Subject Matter
  • Tests- Performance Audit and Aptitude Mapping & Psychometric
  • 1:1 Deep Dive with Subject Matter Experts

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Parents Session

Team up with your parents for an exclusive 30-minute career diagnosis session.

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